After months (feels like millions of years) of planning we finally have our new shirts with the new logo on them. We went for a lighter material then the last design as in the summer we were melting (insert image of the wicked witch of the west). Coming up with the logo was like we were at war there were soooo many options and opinions that we were in a stalemate for a long period of time. Until one day Lucy shows us all her design and the weight is lifted off our shoulders. We were finally all in agreement and peace has returned to the Green Team. A massive thanks to Miss Truss as she organised the embroidery and production of the shirts.

The Green Team in Term 1 were very busy creating the 'Don't be a tosser' campaign. Our posters have finally come and are up around the school. We haven't had a chance to collect any data yet but we have observed less litter especially around where the posters are visible.

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James (Your Move)

Phew, I'm very happy to hear that peace has returned to the Green Team - you had me worried there for a moment! Clearly your team meetings are back on the calendar for term 2, so you have earned 10 points for that. Can't wait to see what activities the crew at Baldivis get up to now that school is ramping up again.

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