Green Team Mountain Biking Excursion

Jessica Truss
Baldivis Secondary College

In week 10 last term, all of our Green Team students were invited to attend an excursion to the Kalamunda hills Camel Farm and participate in a day of mountain biking as a reward for their work in the Green Team this year. This excursion was offered as part of our grant package from 2020 after reaching platinum accreditation with the Your Move Program. As we had more spaces available, we decided to also use this excursion as an incentive to encourage other students at our college to participate in the bike race competition that the Green Team organised and ran in Term 3. All students who signed up to take part in the Bike race were invited to come along. We had such a fantastic time mountain biking for the day and were taught some specific skills on the proper techniques to use while mountain biking. The skills workshops were so impressive that Mrs Shepley even felt confident enough to participate in the ride, even though it was raining all day! A big thank you to Jen and the team at Rock'n'roll Mountain Biking for teaching us and taking us on this day adventure. The students also loved that they got to spend recess and lunch time with some of the farm animals at the farm and had such a fun day - even if by the end our clothes and shoes were drenched and muddy from the rain!

This is a reflection completed by Caitlen, one of our Year 7 Green Team members:

On Thursday the 16th of September we adventured off into the bush in Kalamunda for a mountain bike excursion which was a day full of fun and also lots of surprising rain. We started out at the beginning learning how to brake and how to get into the attack position for going down hills and ramps.

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James (Your Move)

What great reward for the team (and Mrs Shepley!) Jess. Thanks so much for sharing with us your big day - you have earned 40 points, plus another 5 for sharing Caitlen's perspective 😊.

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