Green Team present their Primary School workshop

Jessica Truss
Baldivis Secondary College

On Friday 1 December, our Green Team presented their Primary School workshop that they have been working really hard on in the last few weeks. This workshop will be presented by them to some of our local Primary Schools next year in order to promote walking and riding as common transportation methods to and from school. The aim of this workshop is to connect our local Primary School environmental leaders and future high school students. Our Green Team did a fantastic job. Thanks to Heidi for coordinating the workshop and taking an active role in the organisation process.

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Hi Jess! Great to see the Green Team working together to be role models for the Primary School kids, as well as looking to inspire future leaders. Good luck presenting the workshops :)

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Nice work, Green Team. Look forward to hearing about the presentations next year. What a good way to connect with the wider community (and spread the words AT!)

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