Green Team Rewards Excursion 2

Jessica Truss

Last term we went on a bike ride around Baldivis. Along the way we did activities, had lunch and looked at our environment. We noticed along the way that some things need improving, and then other things are spectacular. This term we are looking forward to working on improving education and the active lifestyles of the Baldivis community.

Written by Beth, Isabelle, Bree, Lucy & Emily.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Beth, Isabelle, Bree, Lucy and Emily. Thanks for your take on the Green Team Rewards Excursion. I'm glad that you could see the good things going on as well and the areas than could be improved. It's also great to hear that you are looking beyond your school to the broader community.Your story has added another 5 points to Baldivis' total.

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