Green Team's first 4 weeks

Chloe Mallen

Hi Everyone, Sorry for the long awaited story......... Let's see where do I start.....? The Green Team have been working really hard at the beginning of this year and we have achieved a lot in 4 short weeks. In our first meeting this year in Week 1, we finalised our new logo incorporating the Your Move and Waste Wise programs that we run. Getting excited to see it on our new shirts :)

The members have also spoke at the year group assemblies to promote the work of the Green Team and to recruit new members. After they showed a video that they made about the Litter Crisis currently facing BSC the school has never been cleaner with students going out at lunch and recess to pick up litter.

Lastly.... (I think).... 2 of our senior members spoke at the whole staff meeting and ran an activity with them again to promote the amazing work they have been doing.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back to YM for the new decade Chloe and all at Baldivis! I'm relieved to hear that you and the team haven't been wagging school and hanging at the beach. I love the new logo and how you have incorporated both transport and 'clean up' messages (recycled Tassie is priceless!). The GT has certainly been getting the message out there - for your efforts you have earned 40 points for presenting to staff, 25 for the assembly item, and 15 points for your first meeting of the year - not to forget the bonus 10 for making the story an interesting read. Catch you soon!

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