Hands up Survey Baldivis T4

Chloe Mallen
Baldivis Secondary College

As BSC is changing things up and no longer has registration in the mornings the Green Team had to come up a new way to collect the Hands Up Survey data.

During our teacher workshops we asked the teachers what they thought would be the best way to collect the data. The most popular response was for MESH subjects (English, Math, Science and HASS) to be responsible for a year group.

We had the most buy in we have ever had for our data with 80% of teachers completing it. The other 20% completed it the next day and were instructed to ask the students how they had gotten to school the day before.

Although we have had a small decrease in driving from June we are still up 5% from this time last year. The Green Team will be brainstorming this week to come up with some strategies to continue to reduce this. We have noticed this year that COVID has impacted the amount of students coming by car. It is great to see that there is more confidence in public transport again with the increase in the number of students catching the bus.

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James (Your Move)

Yes, a lot of schools are finding their HUS results are a bit different this year. It does seem that COVID could have had a lasting impact on how people travel - how long this might last is another question. Thumbs up for the excellent problem solving regarding data collection - and particularly in increasing the survey participation rates. You automatically earned 50 points when you uploaded your survey, and now I have given you 10 points for your discussion here.

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