Hands Up Survey - March 2020

Chloe Mallen

Last Friday we completed our Hands up Survey as well as running the Footprint Friday competition. During this the Green Team are out between 8 and 8.20 handing out raffle tickets for those riding and walking to school. A winner is drawn and receive a prize from the rewards shop.

They noticed an interesting trend that car use is increased in Term 1 every year. But how do we combat this.......??? To the drawing board Watson!!!

The Green Team are very keen to get problem solving and to see if we can continue the improvements we make during he year flow into Term 1 next year.

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James (Your Move)

The Green Team certainly seem deeply engaged in problem solving in the photo! I have relinked your story to the "Regular active travel day promotion - Term 1" activity (it is worth 90 points each term!). You also earned a 5 point bonus for reflecting on the interesting trend in Term 1. I'll be staying tuned to hear what potential solutions the team proposes.

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