Mountain Biking excursion is ready to rock 'n'roll!

Jessica Truss

After our Bike Race competition on Monday, we have finalised the student group who will receive an invitation to attend the Rock n Roll Mountain Biking Excursion on the 16th of September. We have 15 Green Team students and 15 Bike Race participants who will be enjoying the outdoors on a mountain bike for the day in a few weeks time. The excursion planning procedure is a lengthy one at our school and takes a lot of time to complete once approval has been done, so it is an achievement in itself when the excursion planning is done and ready to go. We are super excited! Watch this space for some fabulous upcoming photos of our active, sustainable students enjoying the day!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jessica - yes, excursions are a lot of organisation, but your Rock n Roll MTB trip sounds awesome and I reckon the kids will really appreciate your efforts. You have earned 15 points for all your planning, plus 10 for sharing the details. It seems it is a reward for the Green team too - great idea 😊.

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