National Walk Safely to School Day healthy breakfast & raffle

Jessica Truss

On the Friday, 19th of May, the Your Move Green Team at Baldivis Secondary College did a 'Walk Safely to School Day' with a free healthy breakfast. This was our first National Walk to School Day. Spudshed helped us to supply the produce for our healthy breakfast. Miss Truss went to meet Mr. Steinberg, the representative of Spudshed Baldivis, to discuss the preparation for the healthy breakfast on our first 'National Walk to School day'. Even though the weather was looking down on us (it was raining), we were determined to make our very first National Walk to School Day happen and it was a success. We all contributed to giving out raffle tickets in the morning and had a good time doing this as we got to know some students that we didn't before, even though it was raining. The breakfast was an extraordinary achievement from our year 11 catering students and the food tasted really delicious (we got to eat some of the leftovers :).) We can't wait for our next project (stencils!!). Ava, Taylor, Bella, Caileb, Chika & Isaac.

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Well done to the Student Team for running such a successful event. What a great idea to have the students create the healthy breakfast! It would be great to know some more detail in terms of how many students actually walked to school on the day (in numbers or a percentage of your school's population). Well done and we look forward to hearing what you're up to with the stencils!

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Thanks so much Jenny! The student team did an absolutely fantastic job. We have written a step by step recount of the whole process in our stories and the numbers are in the story titled 'STEP 5 - Runnings of the big day, Part 2 - National Walk Safely to School Day Raffle'. :)

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