New Green Team shirts and logo reflection

Jessica Truss

Over the past year or so the Green Team have been working on our new Logo Project. We started this project by planning what we wanted to have represent us as a team. We came up with a list of ideas including bikes to symbolise Your Move, litter to represent Waste Wise, and our school logo template outline to represent our college.

The planning phase continued by combining a number of different designs from members of the Green Team into one logo. After modifying and refining the logo we made a time to meet with the senior leadership team and took our final logo to be approved. Our Green Team logo was approved, however, the outcome was that we still needed to include our school logo on the shirts as well. We then took this feedback to the Green Team at our next meeting and decided that we would go back to the drawing board and modify the logo again, as having two of the same shaped crests on either side of the shirt was not popular amongst our group.

In between this time, the Green Team presented a workshop at the Your Move/ City of Rockingham Showcase event to the schools and staff that attended on the topic of how to create a team logo. The Green Team presented each stage of our project plan to the audience and coached them through the process of designing their own.

After the showcase event, after more refining, we came up with a final design for the logo and took this design to our leadership team. ACE Promotions helped us through the process of picking a shirt design and ensuring our new logo looked the part. We finally were able to pick up our shirts a few weeks ago and our Green Team members are loving the final product! In the end, we decided on a picture of the world to represent our goal in encouraging our college and the wider community to adopt the sustainable practices that we imbed at BSC. We also included a rubbish bin to symbolise our commitment to the WasteWise program and our goal to reduce litter in our college and wider community. Finally, we included a bike to represent our dedication to the YourMove program and our continuing goal to encourage our student body to use active transport to get to and from school, reduce traffic congestion around the college and hence create an active living culture.

Upon reflection, we have learned that good things take time but are proud of the final product and glad that we took the time to refine our logo to turn out exactly how we had hoped.

This was our first logo design:

This is our final logo:

And this is some of our Green Team wearing their new shirts:

And Miss Mallen and Miss Truss with Bella, one of our senior Green Team members:

The Green Team presentation at the City of Rockingham/Your Move Showcase Event:

Students from the Showcase event designing their own logos:

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James (Your Move)

This story give a really valuable insight into your design process - thanks for sharing this Ms Truss and the Green Team. Giving such a detailed run down has earned you 20 bonus points. I'm really happy to see staff members in the new shirts too!

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