Planning for Green Team Week

Chloe Mallen

This week we had two groups working on our activities for this term; Footprint Friday and our Boomer Shield activities. Our Boomer Shield activities are quizzes that will be held during homeroom regarding our team and the activities we have run over the past year. This will require students to answer questions like "why is it important to walk and ride to school?". A whole week of BSC students starting their day by thinking about sustainable travel. The Green Team will then collect these to get an idea of what the student body is thinking.

The Footprint Friday group made posters to advertise the event and encourage students to walk and ride to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Chloe and the Baldivis Green Team. I really like your Green Team quiz idea - a stakeholder feedback activity disguised as a fun competition! As part of our COVID-19 stimulation package you have received 40 points for this (in lieu of the normal 15 points) - plus a big 30 point innovation bonus. Make sure you give us a Footprint Friday update to get your 90 points for term 2!

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