Exciting start to Term 3 for the Green Team. We have made plans to get our hands up survey data looking better than ever including the Green Team upping the ante with their advertising campaign and raffle days for walking and riding to school. We have changed our Footprint Friday to Walking Wednesday as we were facing the problem of Year 11 and 12 students being off campus for their VET requirements. Wednesday is the day that all students attend school so we increase the amount of data we can collect and the impact on the school community.

We have also been busy creating a 20 minute teacher workshop that the students will deliver at the staff meeting this week. They are educating the staff on what we do as a part of the YourMove program and getting them to consider how they can have an impact without being a member of our amazing team (not sure why they wouldn't anyway........). More on this later this week :)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the update Chloe. I'm looking forward to hearing about all these activities as they come to fruition, particularly the teacher workshop. I'll be tuning in next week! In the meantime you have earned 10 points for your team meeting, plus 10 points for filling us in with the details.

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