Reflection on 2020 & planning 2021

Chloe Mallen
Baldivis Secondary College

Busy morning for the Green Team. We started by reflecting on 2020. The students were working on our Shared OneNote creating a program style document. It has a week by week blow of what was done in the meetings or the activities we run. It also includes columns for WWW (what worked well) and EBI ( even better if).

We then worked on our 2021 goals incorporating the Your Move Pledge idea. We ended up with a massive list however narrowed it down to 3 Pledges for 2021. They are

For the third activity we made permanent posters to advertise Green Team events. The idea is the posters will be laminated and we can write on top of them instead of making new posters every time we have an event.

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Go the Green Team! Love WWW & EBI. Look forward to seeing how the pledges pan out in 2021.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your comprehensive reflection on your planning and pledge session Chloe. They are 3 very worthwhile activities pledged, so I can see how you all found it difficult to narrow things down. I'm looking forward to seeing these ideas develop in 2021. You have earned 10 points for your T4 team meeting, 25 points for your pledges and another 10 for giving us such a worthwhile read.

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