Start of Year Hands Up Survey

Chloe Mallen

Last Friday we completed the Hands Up Survey in registration. We ended up with some very interesting results with our Year 7's having the most students travelling to school by bus, riding or walking. On the same day we ran a Footprint Friday raffle. Students get given a raffle ticket if the walk or ride to school. They also get rewarded for wearing a helmet and receive a second raffle ticket. The raffle is drawn and the first 3 students drawn win a prize with first prize being a bike repair kit and $10 to spend at coffee club. This Footprint Friday allowed our newest members to get involved in their first Green Team activity.

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James (Your Move)

That is interesting Chloe - can you think of any reasons why the years 7s might be more engaged in active travel? Maybe the rewards particularly appealed to them? Or perhaps it was the novelty? I have linked your story to the "Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 1" activity and that has given you 90 activity points.

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It definitely could be either of those and I would love to say it's because of the Green Team promoting safe and sustainable travel as they work so hard! I also think the new school opening in Baldivis which has decreased our catchment area significantly has also contributed. We will wait and see what the results are like next year as it'll be our second year with a smaller catchment area and see if it is consistent.

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