Sustainability at BSC

Jessica Truss
Baldivis Secondary College

Today we hosted a meeting with representatives from the Health and Education Standing Committee and Sustainability Unit at the Department of Education about the resources, programs and incentives that we run at BSC to promote sustainability in response to climate change. Our Sustainability Manager and Green Team coordinator (Jess Shepley) and our Bush Rangers coordinator (Jess Wilkins) met with the team and explained many of the projects that we have run with Your Move and the successes that we have seen with this program having implemented it over the past 7 years. Data collection and tracking using the Hands Up Surveys, our Year 7 Transition Project, and the Green Team's Footprint Friday, Bike Week and Walk Safely to School Day events were of particular focus and we received some really positive feedback regarding how we are leading education and promotion of active travel in our school and community. Watch this space for our Hands Up Survey data which has been scheduled for next week on Wednesday 3rd November.

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