What's up Your Movers,

Last week some of us students in Green Team at Baldivis Secondary College ran 2 consecutive teacher workshops at the Staff Meeting. These workshops were made to inform the staff about our Your Move and Waste Wise programs. We found this extremely fun but on my it was nerve wracking, this was our first time presenting this workshop to the teachers at our school.

Our first workshop was Your Move – YAY – this workshop was made by Lucy, Beth, Seth and Aidan. We had two things that worked extremely well for them; the interactive activity that they ran, a percentage line in which teachers guessed what percent of students used sustainable travel. There wasn't a set script and the four did extremely well in improvising even if they did mess up a little. Our improvements were on time management, the percentage line took a little too long and the activities that were ran had to be cut short.

Finally, the Waste Wise workshop was run by myself – Bella – this workshop was made to inform staff about the litter crisis going on at Baldivis Secondary College. I found that there were two things that I did well in, my interactive activity (four corners) and my public speaking, I feel I did project to the staff, especially those sitting towards the back of the group. And my improvements were changing my final activity as it did repeat the four corners warm up, which I found made the staff feel bored. And my final improvement would be to work faster on a couple of the activities there had to be a time reduction.

After all of this we have another workshop in Week 7 so in 3 weeks' time. Thank y'all for catching up with us this week and hopefully we'll see you guys in a week. Have a fun week!

P.S. The team got lots of compliments and high fives from the teachers that were very impressed with how the students ran the session. Also lots of recommendations for our senior member Bella to become a teacher ;)

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James (Your Move)

Top effort Bella, Lucy, Beth, Seth and Aidan! This looks like a very engaging and effective way to keep the staff up to speed on Your Move. And it seems you all learned some new skills too. Your workshop activity has earned you 40 points, plus some bonuses - 10 for the great write-up, 5 for your reflections on lessons learned and another 5 for it being a student written story.

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