UN Sustainable development projects

Jessica Truss

In the Baldivis Secondary College Green Team, we have combined our junior and senior groups to target specific United Nations Sustainable Development Projects. All of our groups have gone through steps including defining our project, partnering with other organisations, and fundraising money to put our programs into the community.

One of the United Nations Sustainable Development Projects include ending hunger, which is being managed by Tyla and Alessandra. We have planned to hand out bags filled with food, and other essential items to homeless people in the area. This project aims to reduce the amount of individuals going hungry every day.

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Would love to read more about this project, Green Teams! (the steps to get to where you are now.) Also, I am heartened to read that your Teams are reaching into the local community. Admirable efforts, Tyla & Alessandra.

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Justine (Your Move)

Great initiative, Jessica! Good to see your Green Team in action across the board.

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