Walk Safely to School Day & healthy breakfast- Planning our event, Part 1

Jessica Truss

A lot of planning went into organising our National Walk Safely to School Day event and healthy breakfast. We thought it would be a good idea to write a story about how we went about it. Every week on Fridays at lunch time, our Green Team meet to discuss and work on our upcoming projects. We were so excited to take our already established 'Footprint Friday' event and make it bigger and even better than ever to help promote National Walk Safely to School Day on Friday the 19th of May. We started our planning in Term 1 where for 3 weeks the YourMove Green Team brainstormed and contacted the appropriate people that would be able to help us. Our aim was to advertise a large scale Footprint Friday event and as an incentive and reward, offer a free healthy breakfast as well as the standard raffle for students who walked to school on that day.

STEP 1 - Planning the Breakfast.

Our Green Team began by brainstorming ideas in week 8 of Term 1 for what food would be a good idea to serve for the breakfast. We all decided that we needed healthy food that was easy and sustainable to make, serve and eat. We decided on no paper/plastic plates, cutlery or cups, as this was on a large scale unsustainable and would also possibly add to the litter problem around our school. So, finger foods that were easy enough to pick up and eat without needing anything else were decided upon. We came up with ideas such as toasties, healthy muffins and fruit kebabs which we would then take to Ms Sheldon (the head of Food Tech) to see what she thought.

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Wow! So good to hear you students made the decision to ditch the cutlery and what a light and delicious menu for the brekky.

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