Walk Safely to School Day & healthy breakfast- Planning our event, Part 2

Jessica Truss

STEP 2 - Contacting people to help.

During our Week 9 Green Team meeting, the YourMove team worked throughout lunch time to send two very important emails. The first email was to our Food Tech teacher, Ms Sheldon, asking her if she and her Certificate II catering class would like to assist us in putting on the free healthy breakfast for WSTSD. She replied straight away and agreed to help us any way she could. Miss Truss then met with Ms Sheldon to discuss the details. They both agreed that toasties, healthy muffins and fruit kebabs were all great ideas to provide an easy and sustainable breakfast for our students. The next thing to consider was how many students we would be catering for. Previous Hands up Surveys suggested that we would have approximately 500 students (out of our almost 2000) walking and riding to School. We then took into consideration our college planner, and found that the Year 7 camp was taking place on the day. We concluded that catering for 300-400 students would be our aim. Miss Truss and Ms Sheldon then decided on a back up plan, providing that we did have more than this amount of students walking to school. Ms Sheldon was generous enough to offer the GreenTeam 100 'Baldivis Bean' vouchers to give away to any students who might miss out on the breakfast. The Baldivis Bean is a cafe run by the Year 10 - 12 catering students who make and sell hot drinks (hot chocolates, coffee, tea), juices, milkshakes, iced coffees and chocolates, as well as slices, brownies and cakes to students during lunch time during the week. The Baldivis Bean also caters for the staff at BSC who put their orders in over email. Their drink and snack of choice then gets delivered by the catering students on Tuesday and Friday mornings. By now, we were confident that we had most of our bases covered. The problem was then going to be funding. Miss Truss had already applied for and recived confirmation of $220 of funding from the City of Rockingham for our breakfast event, but with close to 2000 students in our BSC student family, this was not going to be enough. The second email written during this same meeting by our Green Team was sent to SpudShed, Baldivis, who have been a great help for our school in the past. This email was followed up by Tracy, our library lady and, well, we know we got lucky here! We asked if SpudShed were able to help us by donating any produce that would help us to cater for our 400 or so students. We were lucky enough to receive almost $300 worth of produce (fruit, cheese, milk, veggies, flour) as a complete donation from SpudShed, which we were absolutely thrilled about. Without their generosity, we wouldn't have been able to afford to cater for this many students. So a massive THANK YOU goes our to Garth from SpudShed in Baldivis for your huge help.

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Amazing to hear your school has a student led cafe with such talented cooks not to mention such wonderful community members! Having a big support network is such an asset for events like this.

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