Walk Safely to School Day & healthy breakfast- Planning our event, Part 3

Jessica Truss

STEP 3 Advertising.

Our weekly Green Team meeting began in Week 1 of Term 2 with the YourMove team putting together a bunch of posters which we could display around the school. The aim of the posters was to get the word out there and advertise our WSTSD and healthy breakfast event to the students of BSC. Miss Truss also organised for the YourMove team to split up into pairs and visit all of the registration classes at least 3 times over the two weeks leading up to the event, during registration period. The YourMove team managed to get around to all of our 70 or so rego groups multiple times in the two weeks and promote the free healthy breakfast we would have on offer, the only catch was that they had to walk to school that morning to get invited! We also advertised this event by putting a reminder in our daily notices which get read over the PA every morning during registration. Miss Truss also organised for the event to be advertised on our school's Facebook page in the week leading up. Our students were hearing about this event from all angles and we could see and sense the excitement and student involvement building!

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Love a good multi-pronged approach to promotion! Well done.

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Katy (Your Move)

Looks like some serious thought has gone into your planning and promotional campaign for your breakfast on 19th May Jess. I absolutely love hearing all the details that are in these posts and seeing all your photos. Thanks so much for taking the time to share all this info.

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