Walk Safely to School Day & healthy breakfast- Planning our event, Part 5

Jessica Truss

STEP 5 - Runnings of the big day, Part 1 - National Walk Safely to School Day Healthy Breakfast.

Friday the 19th of May rolled in, I woke up and walked outside to a miserable, grey sky with bucket loads of water falling down! Oh no! My first thought was that my Green Team might think the event was cancelled due to the rain, but of course I was proven wrong. These guys don't get enough credit for their commitment and hard work! I got to school and almost all of my Green Team were waiting in the Food Tech room surrounded by a group of Ms Sheldon's Year 11 Catering class, all ready and rearing to go. They looked incredibly professional in their chef's uniforms and were so excited, as this was their first function. The YourMove team were ready, half stayed in food tech to help run the restaurant, collect raffle tickets from the walkers, direct students through the function room and clean up. The other half of our team braved the cold and wet weather and went outside to the front gates with umbrellas to hand out raffle tickets to students who walked to school. Before we knew it, students were walking in to the restaurant with smiles from ear to ear, ready to enjoy their free, healthy breakfast. I cannot praise the Catering students and my Green Team enough for the fantastic and professional job that they all did on the day. When walking around, the feedback that I received from students enjoying the food was all positive. The food was delicious and students thought it was the best thing ever that they were getting breakfast for free!

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So good to see that despite the rain everything went off without a hitch - well done team!

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The food looks AMAZING! The students must have really enjoyed devouring their free breakfast with the quality of the fare on offer.

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Katy (Your Move)

Wow! What an amazing breakfast setting - love how you have worked with the Catering Class to provide such a lovely reward for your students who were active for their trip to school. The photos are fantastic!

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