Week 3 @ BSC - Our first team meeting for Term 3

Jessica Truss

It's been a busy few weeks at Baldivis Secondary College on the Your Move front. After filming last week, our Green Team were back to work on their own film, the 'YourMovie'. We came up with a story board for the YourMovie and next week we will move on to script writing.

We also completed a Hands Up Survey this week. During filming last week we realised that in order to accurately compare data between years, we need to make sure we are collecting travel data from each year group instead of the whole school as a whole. We edited our Google Form to show this and although it takes a little longer, it will be great once teachers get used to doing it. As rego only runs for a short time in the mornings, it took a few days to collect data from every rego class, but we did manage to get most of it!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Jessica for the details and images of your film planning session - that has earned you 15 points. Your HUS has also earned you 20 points and there is an extra 10 points for all the details. I'm interested that you are using a Google form to help you collect the results - do you think it is something that could help other schools? What prompted the use of the form?

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Thanks James! I think it is definitely beneficial if there are a lot of classes/teachers involved, especially in a high school setting. We found that putting the survey slips in Rego folders and sending an email asking teachers to get them done was not working very well as many were forgetting. We tried the Google Form and it's taken a few times for teachers to get used to it, but it is a lot easier for me to keep track of who has done it and who hasn't. It's also super easy to collate the data!

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