Week 7 was a big week for BSC and the Your Move program. Our dedicated members got out Friday morning and only got a little bit rained on to run the Footprint Friday competition. They were all here bright and early and armed with their raffle tickets for those who walked and rode to school. During registration the Hands up survey was also run and the data has been uploaded. From the first glance it looks like the weather may have played a role in the increase we saw in those coming to school by car. Another challenge for the Green Team to sink their teeth into. The competition went well and on the agenda for the meeting this week will be marking the answers and getting an idea on how the student body feels and thinks about sustainable travel.

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James (Your Move)

It certainly does look like a wild and woolly Footprint Friday Chloe! You earned 90 points for your regular FPF promotion, along with a 15 point bonus for looking at your active travel results and reflecting on the impact of the weather. Good to see a couple of umbrellas are being used - I wish I had used one more in my school days. I certainly remember spending many a winter's day with wet jeans and jumper!

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