Year 7 Your Move Transition Workshop

Jessica Truss

A few weeks ago I held a meeting with all of the Year 7 teachers in our Science Department to discuss (and teach them) about the Your Move program that I run with the Green Team. The aim of the meeting was to educate our Science staff about the resources that our school has available to encourage and help students actively commute to and from school (and around the wider community), so they could then teach their own classes. The goal was to have the same lesson delivered to our entire Year 7 cohort as part of their high school transition and to continue this in years to come as part of incorporating Sustainability into our Science curriculum and programs. The workshop to be delivered to each Year 7 class was presented to all of the teachers by myself and they were then happy to carry on the process with their own classes. The workshop included talking through our BSC Your Move access guide which shows the most common and safe walking, riding and bus routes to and from school around the Baldivis Community. Teachers then asked their students to find their house and write down what walking, cycling and bus route they would take to school and what number bus they would use. We also ran through a fact sheet on Smart Riders, Transperth rules and how to use the Transport plan a journey website to commute around Perth as well as the Your Move plan a journey webpage to commute around Baldivis. The feedback that I received from our Year 7 Science teachers was fantastic and all students seemed to get really involved in the lesson. As Science teachers, some of us decided to extend on the workshop a little and ask the students to complete an activity that incorporated some Scientific Method inquiry skills. Students were asked to write down a procedure on how they would teach someone else to use the Your Move plan a journey webpage to plan a trip using correct Scientific Method. Thank you to all of my colleagues for being so enthusiastic about getting our Year 7s involved in this workshop!

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Sharing the message, just love it, Jess. Better still, excellent to hear that your target group was so receptive. Good to see that the students used the info for a practical outcome. Your Move, Your Way!

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James (Your Move)

Great PD - we always love seeing capacity building in action. Not only building other teachers' knowledge of the program but the lesson is a great example of building capacity of the students to empower others!

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