Your Move Awards

Jessica Truss
Baldivis Secondary College


Last week Miss Truss, Mr Hill and Mr Svendsen attended the biannual Your Move Awards at the Convention and Exhibition Centre. Baldivis Secondary College were awarded the 'Innovate Award', placing 1st out of all the Your Move WA schools for our Year 7 Transition Project.

Miss Truss and the Green Team implemented this program at the end of 2017 targeting families before the students started Year 7 with lots of great transport information and resources. Once the students got to school, they participated in a number of workshops embedded in the Science curriculum. These workshops involved the Green Team student leaders to foster peer to peer learning.

The Transition Project helps minimise the stress of the move to high school, supports students to develop independence and resilience, and connect positively with their local community. Parents and children alike have reported feeling more confident in choosing independent travel options, and staff have observed reduced vehicle traffic around the school. BSC has also achieved Platinum Accreditation status, thanks to the Green Team's work on the Your Move Program throughout the 2018 year.

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James (Your Move)

I've heard lots of great things about the Baldivis transition activity - so it seems very fitting that you won the award - well done!

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Congratulations, Green Team, very well deserved! Love reading about all the great ideas you come up with then put into action.

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