In our weekly meeting today, the Green Team has started planning for the 'Your Movie', this is to help promote what we do in the green team and for the promotion of Your Move as well. We need to gather many different pieces of equipment to help us produce this short film. The team will need to connect with the Media/film students (potentially also teachers). Equipment will be a key part in the efficiency of this film and the following items will be necessary, assigning roles, script writing, scheduling times for filming. The film will be targeted towards the student, teachers and parents of the our school, to help educate people on the Your Move program. - Bella

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James (Your Move)

I like the sound of this project. I think this might be a first - have you heard of other YM schools doing an internal promo film? You've earned an extra 15 points for the planning activity as well a a bonus 5 for it being written by a student (thanks Bella!)

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Fantastic idea, Green Team. Look forward to be able to view the finished product. Your planning/brainstorming is a great way to get the "film rolling!" Really like how you are looking at several target audiences.

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