Term 2 at Bannister Creek Primary School will be a busy one for the Your Move team. A planning meeting has already been held and plans put in place for the term.

Once a week, Student Councillors include snippets in their daily announcements that promote walking and riding to school, the benefits to students and the environment. The Health program across the school will focus on pedestrian and cycling safety. Pre-primary to Year 2 students will watch a Constable Care performance called ‘Getting to School’. Year 5 students will participate in four bike education sessions later in the term and have their bikes checked by a maintenance team. Walk Safely to School Day on May 19th will be promoted through a poster competition and raffle. The Your Move team will also be on duty to give out stickers.

We are very excited and will post updates as these events take place.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Go Team Bannister Creek! What a jam packed Term Two. I love that the student councillors are spreading the love in their daily announcements 😍. That's 10 points for your Term Two student team meetings and 15 points for the active travel plugs over the PA.

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