Active Travel Competition (1)

Julie Stone
Bannister Creek Primary School

The Bannister Creek Active Travel Competition that has been running throughout term three has come to an end. For students, the competition encouraged them to think about how they got to and from school each day and aim to make better choices when possible.

Many classes used the information in Mathematics lessons and learnt how to represent the data in graphs. Room 9, Year 2 were vigilant in tracking their progress for the term and were awarded some extra recess time for their efforts. Year 5 students represented their classroom data in graphs.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see how the classes linked their maths lessons into the Bannister Creek Active Travel Competition - you have earned 15 points for creating these extension activities and 10 points for sharing your reflections. Well done to Room 9 for earning that bonus recess time 😊. How did the comp go? It looks like the AT levels might have peaked in week 5 - do the kids have any thoughts on why that might be?

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