Bannister Creek Primary School has two bike storage areas. The one at the rear of the school is used the most but is isn’t big enough and has a small entry/exit area which leads to frustration and congestion as students struggle to get their bikes in and out easily.

Plans have been made to expand this area. With this in mind Bannister Creek Primary School used their Connecting Schools Grant to purchase bike and scooter racks that can be concreted straight into the extension. Unfortunately, higher than expected costs and delays has meant this project will take longer than expected to complete.

With the school’s new principal supporting this project we look forward to its completion as soon as possible. A larger storage area will hopefully encourage more students to ride to school.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like you have a good plan there Julie, even if it has been delayed a little. I'm sure the kids will be very happy when it is all up and running. You have earned 40 points for letting us know how your 2022 CS Grant funded bike parking is coming along.

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