Our latest BCPS Newsletter had an article reminding parents and carers about treating people respectfully, especially drivers in the car park. It also renewed some great suggestions like considering parking a short distance from the school e.g. using the car park at Woodford Oval across the school and walking their child to the classroom, arriving slightly earlier or later than peak times. Wednesdays are designated Walk to School Day every week. Parents were also reminded to continue using the Kiss and Drop Zone at the back of the school. They are supervised by Staff and is working well for Years 1-6. Through the support of the City of Canning, a designated area was created with proper signage where parents or carers can drop their children safely with out parking their cars in the school parking areas. This has been a very productive traffic innovation at Bannister Creek Primary School.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing this Alicia. It sounds like a worthwhile initiative - it is certainly best for pedestrians and cyclists if drivers are relaxed! I have linked your story to the related activity, giving you 22 points. By the way - how is your regular Wednesday W2S Day going? Remember you can get points (a big 90!) each term if you post a story on your regular active travel day promotion.

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