Bannister Creek Primary School’s Your Move program has finally started. We have welcomed a new principal to our school and she is very enthusiastic to learn all about Your Move and how she can support the program in 2023.

The Hands Up Survey was completed today, Thursday, February 16th. Results showed some pleasing improvement, especially amongst bike riders. The school is aiming to increase the number of bike riders by improving the access to the bike rack area and increasing it’s size. Planning is underway to make this happen as soon as possible and incorporate the scooter and bike racks that the school received with their Connecting Schools grant.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back Julie and everyone at Bannister Creek 😁. I'm glad to hear of the enthusiasm your new Principal has for Your Move. I see you received the automatic 50 points for uploading your Start of Year survey - well done for getting that organised. You have also just earned 10 points for sharing your reflections on bike numbers and the plans for bike parking improvements. I look forward to following your progress on that project.

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