The staff at Bannister Creek Primary School are very supportive of Your Move events in our school so it was important to take some time, during a recent staff meeting, to thank them. As the Your Move coordinator I was also able to explain in detail how the program works, and inform staff of some of the events that are coming, up that will involve the whole school.

We watched two advertisements that were made by The City of Canning, with the help of our principal, Travis Miller, and our students on bikes.

The Bannister Creek Your Move video can be seen here on the Department of Transport's Your Move Facebook page

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James (Your Move)

Keeping everyone on the same page is very important and it sounds like your presentation at the recent staff meeting achieved just that Julie. Thanks too for sharing about the YM Canning videos - I have located the Bannister Creek one and inserted the link. You have earned 25 points for keeping the school staff up to date and 10 points for sharing the details.

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