Start of the Year Hands Up Survey

Alicia Lilly

On Tuesday 9th March 2021, the school conducted its Start of the Year Hands Up Survey, the day before its normal weekly Walk-to-school Wednesday. The Year 3 Room 10 class with the guidance of their class teacher, MsTaylor, designed posters to easily count the students, especially the younger students who may raise their hands more than once. The students had fun creating the posters. With the aid of their Your Move Eco Warriors, they collected the results of the survey from every classroom. They enjoyed the activities linked to the survey, had classroom discussion and extended it by creating these graphs and posted to Seesaw where their parents can see what they have posted. This is an excellent way to give more information to parents regarding the Your Move program at school and help promote active travel wherever they may go.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Alicia - thanks for sharing the classroom activities you have organised around your HUS - that has earned you 15 points plus a bonus 10 for all the details. You also snuck in there that you are doing your regular Walk to School Wednesdays this term - so that has earned you another 90 points! Bye for now!

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