Walk to Bannister Creek Reserve

Alicia Lilly

After the COVID-19 restrictions were eased for schools, classes were allowed to get involved in activities outside the school campus. Many classes from Years 3-6 joined the annual restoration and re-vegetation of Bannister Creek Reserve. The students walked from the school to the Creek with their respective teachers and support staff to hold classes on HASS, Science and enjoy outdoor activities at Bannister Creek Nature Playground. The students also joined and supported the Bannister Creek Catchment Group in planting seedlings and small trees along the banks of the reserve. The activities including the walk to the Reserve was a welcome change from the restrictions especially when the playgrounds outside the school perimeter fence were off limits for some time. The students reflected that they enjoyed this change and gave them a positive feeling.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Alicia - thanks for sharing how much your classes enjoyed getting out and about on foot. Great to hear the kids noticed the positive effects of the pheromones! You have earned 25 points for getting so many classes to use active travel to get to the creek. By my estimates, it was probably about a 20 to 30 minute walk in each direction - perfect practice for students to consider walking to school!

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