Your Move Eco Warriors Planning Meeting (1)

Alicia Lilly

With the leadership of Alyssa and Oliver who were with the team last year, the 2021 Your Move Eco Warriors Team was formed. Both students, now in Year 5 were trained since Year 3 as Eco Warriors leaders. They are joined this year by Sascha, Donovan, Elspeth, Mathew, Daisy and Shanjayi to complete the Your Move Eco Warriors Team with the guidance of the Your Move Coordinator, Mrs Stone and Sustainability Coordinator, Mrs Lilly. To maximise the time, the planning meeting went paperless with Mrs Lilly taking notes of the discussions. The team was under pressure to complete the planning at shorter time due to academic requirements and many events happening during the shortened Term 1 due to COVID lockdown.

The team discussed and divided tasks for efficiency and productivity. The first task, given to the Year 3 leaders, was to help collect each classroom’s data on the Start of the Year Hands Up Survey and the results were entered in the Your Move website. Mrs Lilly registered the school to join the Ride2School event and Mrs Stone organised the school’s activity. The Year 4-5 leaders put their hands up to support this event by encouraging more students to ride to school on the 18th of March. The team also planned more tasks: to create posters to show the results of Hands Up Surveys to promote awareness and interest; write about the results and information on the Your move Program in the school’s newsletter; review the Kiss and Drop Program; design activities linked to Walk Safely to School Day on May 14 and Your Move Fun Day later in the year; run hands up surveys on Wednesday, the school’s designated weekly walk-to-school day and compare results with other hands-up surveys held at another day during 2021. The team leaders were so excited to be given their Eco Warriors vests and enjoyed the photo session in front of the Your Move display sign placed on the walls of the Admin Block.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Alicia! You have really captured your new team's first meeting - thanks for such a great read (10 points bonus!). Establishing a team for 2021 has earned you 60 points and their is another 25 points for the "Define your issues and make a plan" activity. Don't forget to let us know how R2SD went and to share any school newsletter articles written.

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