Your Move Eco Warriors Planning Meeting

Alicia Lilly

Finally, after COVID-19 restrictions were eased, one of the school's students green team had been organised: Your Move Eco Warriors had the chance to meet together as a group instead of communicating one on one with Mrs. Lilly, the Sustainability Coordinator. The YM Eco Warriors Flynn, Charlie, Oliver, Alyssa and Brianna, Year 4 students, had been helping in the initial Hands Up Travel Survey on a day not designated for Walk to School Day in Term 1. More students from Years 3 and 5 classes are in training to join the team soon.

Before the whole school planning activity could be organised, the team didn't get the chance to meet when all schools had to observe the COVID-19 restrictions. At this meeting, after discussions on why there was a need to form Your Move Eco Warriors, the team had tasks planned for the rest of the year. They listed plans to encourage more students to walk or cycle to school every Wednesday, designated Walk to School Day; conduct Hands Up Travel Survey for Terms 3 and 4; design an activity for the school's Your Move Fun Day; create an activity where parents and the community learn more about smart and sustainable ways to travel from home to school, shops or anywhere they want to go.

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James (Your Move)

Well, the Eco Warriors first meeting might have been delayed, but it certainly seems they are making up for lost time - they have certainly put together a good range of activities for the rest of the year. Getting your team together has earned Bannister Creek 60 points. Looking at your situation and creating an action plan for the year has earned you another 25 points. On top of that you have received 10 points for filling us in with all the details. Can't wait to hear how these plans come together!

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