2022 Your Move

Tammy McEwan
Bassendean Primary School

Today saw our faction leaders conduct our final Hands Up survey for 2022. The results were quite interesting.

Compared to our first Hands Up survey in February, we had a 3% decrease in driving which although small, is a win. The cloudy morning could have had something to do with that.

We had a 36% increase in students walking to school. Yay...another win as they were actively travelling.

The increase in walkers however meant that our percentage of cyclists and scooterers fell by 27%.

Our aim for 2023 is to rejuvenate our Your Move program and get the active travelling message back at the forefront of people's minds. During Term 2 when we had random prizes on offer for active travellers (thanks to Your Move Rewards), our active travel rate in some classrooms sat at 93%! We would like to see our percentage of whole school active travellers get up there...stay tuned.

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James (Your Move)

No-one can say you are not ambitious aiming for 93% Active Travel - I say well done, set that bar high 😁! A 3% reduction in driving is certainly heading in the right direction, as are the increases in walking. Do you have any thoughts on why cycling might be down? Did the survey coincide with any other activities at school that might affect cycling in particular? You have earned 10 points for your positive reflections here, on top of the 50 points you automatically earned when uploading the survey results on Friday. Enjoy the last few days of 'spring' 🤣!

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