Awesome Bike Ed with Cycle Sense

Tammy McEwan

Over the past four weeks, the year 3/4 students participated in FREE Bike Ed sessions at school. We qualified for the free sessions thanks to our Your Move silver status and we used our reward points to hire bikes to allow those students without a bike to participate.

Enter Chris and Tracey from Cycle Sense. Cycle Sense = Excellence is their motto and they definitely lived up to it. All our students had access to fun, engaging and practical Bike Ed sessions. Lots of games were played to develop bike handling and safety skills. Four students even learned to ride a bike for the first time, which was so good for them.

The fourth session saw the students leave the school grounds to ride the local paths around the school and travel along the Safe Active Street adjacent to our school and follow it all the way to the local river reserve. To see the students confidence and hear their excitement when they "broke out of school" was priceless. The students have a new appreciation for what can be seen and experienced when they are out and about on their bikes.

Thank you Your Move and Cycle Sense.

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Natasha (Your Move)

Well done for putting your points to such good use, Tammy! It seems like students had a great time 😃 You have earned 40 points for using your SuperBoost grant to run Bike Education Sessions for your Year 3/4 students and 10 points for a good read. 🚴‍♂️

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