Bassendean Primary School welcomes back Your Move

Tammy McEwan

Bassendean Primary School has been a Your Move school since the start of 2019. We were fortunate enough to launch the Your Move program at Bassendean Primary School with a Your Move Day which celebrated all things 'Your Move' including bicycle safety and maintenance workshops; skate boarding sessions; a Transperth Bus on site; the benefits of travelling fume free; and Constable Care road safety sessions. This whole school day was hugely successful, and was followed up with bicycle education lessons during physical education classes for the next three weeks. Students, parents and staff became very aware of the need to travel in a more positive way for the environment.

We continued to encourage children and families to ride, scoot or walk to school. We introduced "Fume Free Fridays" where everyone was encouraged to travel 'fume free' and we conducted hands up surveys. These were very successful travel days, but the weather turned 'wet' and the numbers dropped off and everything 'Your Move' at Bassendean Primary School became a little quiet.

So 12 months on from our initial launch, we are back. We have been continuing to encourage our students to ride, scoot or walk to school. We took part in the National Ride to School Day in March this year and had an amazing 76.3% of our students actively travel to school. We were very impressed. Our bike racks and scooter storage were over flowing.

We plan to re-introduce "Fume Free Fridays". We know we cannot control the weather, but we have learnt that a continued focus and promotion keeps interest high. We plan to work together with the P&C to plan ways we can assist each other to encourage more environmentally friendly travel not just to and from school, but in the wider community.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Tammy - and welcome to the YM online community. Well, Bassendean has certainly been a quiet achiever! I'm James, and I review all stories to ensure you get all the points you deserve, and there are quite a few extra points to give you here! For your retrospective on 2019 I have just given you 40 points for the event day, 50 for the bike maintenance activity, and a bonus 20 for all the other activities making it such an 'outstanding' event day. You also received 80 points for your Bike Ed sessions and 90 points for your 2019 FFFs. On top of all that you got a bonus 10 for the 'good read' factor. I inserted your image directly into the story to make sure no one misses it (images inserted also earn you 3 points per image, for a maximum of 5 images per story). All in all a brilliant first story!

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