Bike Ed Rocks...and Rolls!

Tammy McEwan
Bassendean Primary School

The year 4, 5 & 6 students at Bassendean Primary School have spent the past four weeks participating in Bike Ed sessions at school during their Physical Education Lessons and they have loved every minute of it. The sessions allowed the students to get out on their bikes in a safe environment, learning everything from the importance of wearing a helmet and fitting it correctly, to scanning the surrounds whilst riding looking for hazards, and communicating with fellow riders to ensure everyone stays safe.

We were lucky enough to have the Your Move Rewards program provide us with the instructors and spare bikes for the sessions. Thank you so much to Rick, Nora and Noel from @PeopleonBicycles for leading the sessions with our students. The common feedback from the students after the sessions was "Bike Ed was so much fun".

In the future I aim to run more Bike Ed sessions with students at our school and continue to encourage all our students to get out on their bikes and be active!

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James (Your Move)

Whoa - look at those stormy skies! I'm glad that the weather didn't frighten anyone off 😊. As this was part of your Superboost grant I have given you 10 points for the extra details and for putting together a lovely story. Make sure you let us know when your run your own first session of Bike Ed and we can give you another 80 points! Have a wonderful week Tammy!

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