Crazy Socks celebrating Walk Safely to School Day

Tammy McEwan

Bassendean Primary School celebrated National Walk Safely to School Day with Crazy Socks! So many students, their families and teachers arrived at school wearing their crazy socks.

Our Hands Up Survey data showed a 148% increase in walking since March this year. It is always great to see the Bassendean PS community jumping on board for these special events. Hopefully this beautiful weather inspires families to continue to walk to school when they can.

This amazing data was shared on Connect along with announcing the two classes who had the highest percentage of walkers for the day. Congratulations to the Pre Primary students in Room 11 and the Year 2 students in Room 14 for both having 81% of their students walking to school.

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Tammy. Just LOVE all those crazy socks. 🧦😍 Great socks + great stats = great AT day! 🚶‍♂️🎉 Glad you all enjoyed it. Bassendean PS has earned 40 points for the AT day, 10 for the HUS reflections, 10 for the stats and 10 for this super story. Any big plans for World Bicycle Day on June 3? 🌏🚲

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