Marri Tree Immersion Day - Walking Fun

Tammy McEwan
Bassendean Primary School

Recently the Year 2-6 students at Bassendean Primary School spent the day at Point Reserve in Bassendean immersing themselves in our local indigenous culture. Kylie Barr, our Art Specialist Teacher, planned and organised the day to tie in with her whole school Marri Tree project which is running throughout the year.

Rather than organise for bus transport to the Reserve, the students, staff and parents walked the 1km to and 1km from the event. On the way they enjoyed the sun, the trees, the birds and had a happy time chatting with their friends. A great way to start the day, immersing themselves in the sunshine and fresh air. No bus transport also meant cleaner air for the trees, birds and community and lots of active travellers. Win win everywhere!

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