National Ride2School Day at Bassendean Primary School

Tammy McEwan

On Freaky Friday 13 March, Bassendean Primary School celebrated National Ride2School Day. A Hands Up Survey was conducted and it showed that 76.3% of our students actively traveled to school on that day by either riding their bikes, scooting or walking.

Upon arrival at school the students received a National Ride2School day sticker and were able to ride or scoot around the course on the courts. Usually riding or scooting on school grounds is not allowed, so the students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Tammy. Thanks for sharing your retrospective on your R2SD event. I linked your story to the related activity and that has given you 40 points. Well done for inserting the photos directly - that also earned you 3 x 3 points automatically! Let us know if you have done any other background tasks too as they can earn you points - for example, maybe you have started a YM student team, had a planning session, engaged some volunteers from the school community or posted a Your Move related story in your school newsletter or Facebook page. I'll be watching this space!

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