Road Safety Signs Package

Tammy McEwan

Thanks to Your Move and their Connecting Schools 2022-23 Silver Grants, we were able to successfully apply for the Road Safety Sign Package.

The Road Safety Signs package allowed us to provide sessions with our year 3/4 students on our school courts. These sessions helped teach the students the importance of road safety, slowing down in preparation for potential hazards like road work, cross walks and kangaroos, while having fun on their scooters.

The Road Safety Signs will be used in Term 4 for future road safety/bike safety sessions. They will also be shared with students in our Early Childhood Area where they can practice their road safety on the bike track.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Tammy - great to see you back for 2023 😁! It looks like the signage package has gone down a treat. You have earned 40 points for applying for and aquitting this grant and also 25 points for running these sessions. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂.

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