Bayswater PS Ride to School Day

Jesse Doney
Bayswater Primary School

Below is a write-up from year 5 students, Chris and Meg regarding our walk to school day, a sensational morning for all boys and girls. Shoutout to Coles Maylands for providing fruit for participants as well.

Overall we had:

  • 75 students participating
  • 14 staff to assist with the day
  • 3 parents helping with the bike maintenance station

"Today, Bayswater Primary School held its ride to school day! Students who rode to school could enjoy freshly cut watermelon, apples, oranges, and strawberries. There were also races on the oval held by Mr. Dique which you could win cool prizes such as a rad water bottle. The races could be done by any age. Need your bike fixed? There was an awesome bike maintenance area so you could fix your bike! Students of all ages had an extraordinary time playing with friends on the oval! Was really fun !"

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Go Team Bayswater! Bike games and free maintenance! What an awesome way to celebrate. Congratulations on your special event efforts 🚲 🎊 That's 40 points for the event and another 40 for the outstanding parent volunteer bike maintenance, fine detail and student content.

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