Walk to school bus

Jesse Doney
Bayswater Primary School

On Friday of Week 5, Bayswater PS trialed its first walk to school bus. The initiative began in the later weeks of term 3, when families expressed interest in starting their sons'/daughters' mornings in a healthy and productive way. A small "your move" committee was then created made up of parents and teachers of the school to begin planning the walk to school bus. After many weeks of deliberating and identifying the best starting points and routes to school, BPS held its first day last friday at 8:00am, in which 10 families participated before taking their kids to morning fitness at 8:20 am. This will be carried out on Fridays for the rest of the school year in the hope that more and more families will begin to participate. Areas for improvement will then be identified and refined for 2023, where it is hoped that the school can make this a daily initiative. Thank you for the generosity of one parent who managed to take a few snapshots of their particular route to school.

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James (Your Move)

What an achievement Jesse - it must feel so rewarding to see everyone's efforts coming to fruit 😊. You have all earned yourselves 90 points for launching your Walking School Bus this term, 10 for using social media to promote Active Travel and another 10 for sharing how it all came about. I look forward to following how it goes.

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