Year 5 "Your Move" Leaders

Jesse Doney
Bayswater Primary School

Early this term 4 Year 5 students were selected to be Bayswater Primary School Your Move ambassadors. All four students gathered in the library to come up with a plan as to how we promote the "Your move" movement. They decided to make a poster that highlighted why getting to and from school in other ways than a motor vehicle is so important for our physical, social, and emotional health and wellbeing. They supported their ideas in an assembly held in week 5. The girls did a fantactic job! Definitely more great ideas to come later in the term.

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This is really good

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James (Your Move)

Hi Craig and the Bayswater Your Move Ambassadors! I'm James and I'm here to help you get the most from Your Move and to help you with any queries. Well done for getting your first story posted (that earned you 12 points). I love the posters the Ambassadors produced. Presenting them at assembly has earned you 25 points and starting up your student team has earned you another 60 points! Remember you can earn another 25 points by sharing a pledge for 2021 - details here

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