Bethel starts your move!

Jess Sinclair
Bethel Christian School

Here we go.

Bethel Christian School is tucked away in the South West of Australia and it is a great community to be involved with.

I'm interested in getting Bethel involved with the Your Move site to help track our progress as we look to become a healthier school. As the Primary School Health teacher it is a great way to look at what is currently happening and what are some ways we can improve.

It looks like a great platform to get some ideas as well!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jess - welcome to YM Schools! It's great to see Bethel's YM account up and running and that you have published so many stories in one day. Well done and keep them coming!

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Great work getting started Jess! You will also be able to share the details of how you have organised and run the Walk to School breakfasts to give others some ideas of how to go about it :)

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