New Year, New Goals

Jess Sinclair
Bethel Christian School

After we conclude our Hands Up Survey this week, we plan on monitoring this in Health classes by taking weekly surveys to find the class which rode/walked or scooted to school the most during that month. At the end of the month, the year group that was the most active will be given a certificate for the month to display in their classroom. The names of the students that rode/walked/scooted will also go into a draw to win a prize associated with being active.

There will be a year calendar in the Health classroom to keep track of the class that wins the most 'monthly awards'.

This idea came from the Ride2School site as they have the certificates ready, as you can see below.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Jess for sharing this idea. You have received 15 points for planning this and a bonus 10 for sharing the details. Will this be run for just one month or will it be over several months? Make sure you let us know when it is up and running and then you can get more points for the actual campaign.

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