RAC Community Education - Primary Sessions

Jess Sinclair
Bethel Christian School

RAC Community Education - Primary Sessions

Earlier in the year, I heard about some curriculum based sessions that RAC was running free of charge. Luckily, we got in early so that all of our primary classes from year 1 - 6 were able to participate in one hour sessions each over two days.

Tarryn, our presenter was absolutely fantastic. The content and program was age appropriate, engaging and informative. The sessions were hands on and I believe a great success.

Each year group focused on a different aspect of road safety.
Year 1 - Crossing the road safely
Year 2 - Crash investigation (What causes crashes and how can we reduce them)
Year 3 - Injury to the brain and preventing them, also looking at the bike and ‘building a bike’.
Year 4 - Eggsperiments - Looking at seatbelt safety by experimenting with eggs and toy cars.
Year 5 - Risk assessment and being a distractive passenger.
Year 6 - Using battery or solar energy to power cars (build your own) and how cars are built to keep us safe.

This was a brilliant program that I am hoping to book each year!
Would love to see their upper high school programs as well.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jess - It's great to see you linking into this and other alligned programs. It really is the right way to make the most of YM. And I've been very impressed with how you've been linking your stories to your activities so far. This one should actually have been linked to the RAC Little Legends Incursion though - so your points have been adjusted a bit to 20 points for the activity, plus a bonus 10 points for all the details you gave.

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